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NSM Students- Feedback

Sruthi U [NCE19MBA19]

NSM also provides value added course for improving the confidence level as well as knowledge of the students. So many activities are conducted by NSM. Every Friday we had Friday activities as well as club activities. NSM provides outbound training which moulding the skill of the students. We were also provided as CSR activities and conducted Karma the National level management fest every year which is coordinated by students.

Jovitta James [NCE19MBA07]

Nehru School Of Management -MBA gives a great opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge beyond their field of studies. The friendly attitude of professors and their willingness to always a helping hand has made me feel a part of the Nehru family .The two years spent here splendid and has helped me to grow professionally as well as personally. Let me thank all my professors for their care and love..

Swetha T [NCE19MBA22]

Nehru School Of Management -MBA gives a great opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge beyond their field of studies.The friendly attitude of professors and their willingness to always a helping hand has made me feel a part of the Nehru family .

Sreelakshmi PK [NCE19MBA17]

I’m Sreelakshmi P.K, second year MBA student at Nehru School Of Management. It was a great privilege for me to do my MBA course at Nehru School Of Management.I’m satisfied with faculties and facilities provided.

Mini R [NCE20MBA27]

I am Mini R , a student of Nehru College of Engineering and Research Centre. I have joined this college last year. I am doing post-graduation in business administration from Nehru School of Management.

Our college has a good infrastructure with qualified and experienced faculties. During pandemic like all other students I also have faced difficulty in adjusting with the new learning method. But all the teachers are very motivating and supportive in nature. All the portions are covered on time. Many webinars are conducted by the college which is very informative.

I am happy to hear that our many of the seniors got placed in reputed companies. I am glad to be part of the college.

Aneesa KA [NCE20MBA09]

Classes started on an online platform due to the pandemic in the academic year 2020-2021. We experienced the online mode for the first time and it was very difficult for a student like me to interact with students and staff without seeing them, but teachers make us feel comfortable to interact with each other through various sessions and activities. They succeeded to make a good relationship between the students even in the pandemic situation. The faculty members in our college are extremely excellent. They were always available to clear all the doubts and concepts. We only got 2 weeks to enjoy our college life in the first semester those days were amazing and useful. Our campus provides a positive vibe and an eco-friendly atmosphere. The infrastructure is excellent and professionally arranged.

Abhishek V

One of the best things about college life is that a new experience every day. But as classes are of online I miss the college life truly. Even though the classes are in online the faculties provide correct guidelines. They explain each and every topic clearly. Apart from providing knowledge, teachers are friendly to students. They also provide internships and webinars to students. This is really helpful for us. Even the classes are in online, the faculties also keep in touch with the students.

The webinars provided by the college is truly helpful and increases our skills and knowledge. I think Nehru group will help to pursue my goals and help me to chase my dreams.

Binitha KB [NCE19MBA03]

I feel prerogative to be a part of Nehru school of management. Whenever I had a glimpse about my journey in Nehru school of management, I wonder how beautiful and heart touching it is. My friends, teachers, class room, even now I can feel that mumble. I would like to include my academic experience, which gave me with handful of knowledge. We had a respectful and friendly relationship with our teachers, they support us, and they make sure that we are capable enough to enter to corporate world. We had yoga session, from which we get a chance to boast up ourselves for that we were provided with a calm atmosphere. It was indeed a stress reliving session. And we had Friday activities; I would say that it was funny meaning and fascinating. the importance thing that I don't want to miss here is our karma national level management fest, that is voluntarily taken by the students themselves, which help in building our management skill.i know those days could not be brought back, but I can say that I choose the best campus for my pg and I am confident that I can do my best with the importance lesson that I gained from Nehru school of management.

Harishma KG

As I am near to the college “Nehru College of Engineering and Research Center” I have a somewhat clear knowledge about the college. After completing my UG I decided to go for postgraduation by doing MBA. And I chose NSM because it provides many opportunities and activities for getting more practical knowledge of the course. But faith due to the pandemic we didn’t get the campus experiences, but that’s OK we still have hope that everything will come back normal soon.

In spite we have online classes. The faculties put their whole efforts to make the class interactive. The activities like making up business plan is really interesting that make knowledge about business. The webinars provided by college is very informative, that would help in my career to face the future. The activities and programs you providing for us is very interesting and really appreciating one. You give a lot of opportunities to improve our skills and abilities. I thank Nehru school of management for gave me this wonderful opportunity to do my graduation.


I’m kavya, currently pursuing my MBA at NEHRU SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT. I have been studying in this college for more than nine months. My classes are currently in the online session. I have visited the college couple of times. According to my experience I had really wonderful time. The college environment is very beautiful. The college provides us with one of the best infrastructure. Every faculties in the college is very helpful. Teachers are highly qualified and they handle the online sessions very effectively. Even though the classes are through online, the teachers have never failed to clear the doubts of the students. There are a lot of extra curricular activities held online. I had a great experience till now and i’m looking forward to attend the classes offline.

JBS Students- Feedback

Aiswarya V [1st Year]

I am Aiswarya.v I am pursing MBA in JAWAHARLAL BUSINESS SCHOOL LAKKIDI. @ JAWAHARLAL COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY LAKKIDI. I have my studying in my college since 9 months. I have classes through online during this pandamic situation. I went to my college in several times. During the period in our college is very helpful and worthy to help this online classes. All the online classes are very helpful and create us to studying more through online. All the study in this college is worth and time value for money. We are looking forward to attend the offline classes.

Ajmi PT [1st Year]

I’AJMI PT, I’m currently pursing my MBA in Jawaharlal Business School. This is an unprecedented time, with so much uncertainty, but I also think this is a great opportunity to really immerse into learning and bettering ourselves. Jawaharlal Business School has developed the overall personality of the students boosted confidence in them and provides with the wide knowledge. Personally I was very impressed with the quality of the teaching faculty support and mentors take care of mentees with the dedication. Thank you for being the place where I discovered myself and become best version of myself.

Anjitha G [1st Year]

Jawaharlal Business School Lakkidi , Ottapalam Is One Of The Best Educational Institutions Offering Excellence In MBA Program. Jawaharlal Business School Believes In Quality Education. Our Classes Were Held In Online Mode Due To Covid-19 Pandemic. Even though The Faculties Provided Us A Very Good Classes And They Supported And Encouraged Us A Lot. The Institute First Preference Is Given To The Students So That The Students Can Enhance Their Inner Abilities. The Institute Creates Lots Of Opportunities For Students. Also The Activities Like Management Meet Organized By The College Are Very Good And Helpful For Students To Get To Know About New Things. Apart From This Our College Is Having A Very Nice Atmosphere And The Infrastructure Of The College Is Excellent. Dreaming To Pursue MBA Then Jawaharlal Business School @ Jawaharlal College Of Engineering And Technology Will Be The Best Choice.

Aswathy U

I am Aswathy U. Iam currently doing my MBA in JAWAHARLAL BUSINESS SCHOLL. I am being student of past 2 years it is important chapter of my life. During first year we get classes at collage after march due to covid pandemic restriction teachers conducting classes through online through live virtual meetings its gets under understand easily. I would like to take this opportunity to thank collage management and its teachers for doing such an absolutely amazing job during the lock down. Teachers are really helpful and they are highly qualify teach very efficiently. JBS faculty team always supportive enough and have guided us and made possible that our queries have been solved. Collage infrastructure is really beautiful and most vibrant atmosphere. All over to study in this collage is worth and valuable in my life. I am very proud to be part of this NGI family.

Aparna PM [1st Year]

I am Aparna P M, pursuing MBA from Jawaharlal Business School, Lakkidi, Palakkad. It is one of the best Educational Institution where you can improve your knowledge and mould your personality. JBS provide efficient coaching and provide continuous support & encouragement by the excellent faculties. The college has a well-established infrastructure surrounded by greenery, WIFI campus, smart classroom and practical rooms etc. Even in online classes, the faculties gave us full support and make us feel comfortable in specialised areas. JBS is one such educational institution where you can built your dreams.

Binitha V

I am Binitha.v ,currently pursuing MBA in Jawaharlal business school.I have been studying in this college for 2 years. The infrastructure was really good.Even the classes are online due to covid 19 .The teachers are very supportive and helpful.I would like to thank JBS for everthing that has provided for us.

Drishya C

I am Drisya.c,currently pursuing MBA in Jawaharlal business school.I have been studying in this college for 2 years. The infrastructure was really good.The faculties are good and helpful. Even the classes are online due to covid 19 the faculties are taking full effort to teach and support us.

Haripriya CJ

My name is HARIPRIYA.CJ. I’m currently pursing my MBA in JCET. The department of MBA has been an eventful department. We have a number of activities which one way or the other help as improve both our academic knowledge our skills and also interpersonal skills. I have developed myself both as an individual and as a professional in order to face this outside world .This campus has a lot to offer for every individual that walks into it.

Jisha B

I’m JISHA B. I’m currently pursing my MBA in JAWAHARLAL BUSINESS SCHOOL. I have been studying in this college for about 2 Years. In this time this college has become a really important part of my life. In my first year college period I will go and to study but now I have had my classes in the online sessions due to the covid1, so I’m not go for it. The infrastructure is really beautiful. We have all sorts of facilities there. The faculties in the college are really helpful. Teachers are highly qualified and teach very efficiently. They continuously support, motivate and encourage us.  Even during online classes, the teachers have not only helped us with their best of providing us all sorts of knowledge but have also tried to be there for us in our personal needs also. All over to study in this college is worth the time and value-for-money. I’m looking forward in attending the offline classes soon. I’m very proud to be a part of this NGI family. Thank you.

Greeshma M

Hi, Iam GREESHMA M. I’m currently pursuing my IInd Year MBA in Jawaharlal college of Engineering and Technology. I am Fully Satisfied with choosing institute Jawaharlal business school for Pursuing my MBA as all the Faculty take Excellent care of Students both Curricular Extra Curricular. This Institute study system is very best to compare to all another college in this region. In this short time this college has become an important part of my life. Due to this pandemic covid -19 classes are going through online. One can always see the team of committed faculty striving hard in excelling the students in all dimensions. Placement Assistant in the College is commendable for Furthering Our career as they Provide efficient Pre-Placement Training to all the Students to make them competent enough to face the Industry the colleges provide all the opportunity to achieve our dreams. .I am thankful to all the teachers who supported us and corrected throughout our curriculum.